Growing up I had a very cool babysitter. She gave me a Fisher Price portable record player with a stack of Punk 45 RPM singles for my bat-mitzvah gift; all of which I still have. It was the beginning of my record collection.

Even though Punk was what I primarily listened to from junior high through high school, I also listened to K-EARTH 101 FM Oldies Radio. My favorites were girl groups. I even learned to play The Ronettes “He's a Rebel” on my dad's electric guitar. That was the closest I ever got to being in a band.

A lot of mix tapes were exchanged in high school, then mix CDs in college. I have all of them still, even the ones I didn't care to listen to. It was just nice someone put the time into making a mix for me.

This cassette tape was given to me by a senior at the start of my first year at LACHSA – definitely a stellar way to be welcomed to a new school.